It’s important when shopping for furniture that you know the different wood types used in its construction, and how this will affect its price and durability. Wood furniture falls into three categories:  solid wood, veneers, particle board and  composite.

Solid Wood

Furniture made primarily from solid wood is extremely resilient and requires little maintenance. Screw retention is one of the most important distinctions between solid wood and verses plywood and composite woods.


Veneers have an inexpensive wood base covered by several thin layers of better quality wood. Because of the cheaper core, veneers aren’t as expensive as solid wood pieces.

Particle board or composite

Particle board and composite wood pieces are made of a combination of wood pulp, plastics and resin, basically the scraps of the furniture world.  This is the cheapest type of wood furniture, and can look decent, but won’t hold up in the long run.

Our Furniture Brands

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